About TalentAds

We are building a revolutionary new way of acquiring the best talent on the Internet


About Us

TalentAds was established by two entrepreneurs Umut Gökbayrak and Kamil Özörnek in Seattle, USA. Another essential addition to the team became Prof Haluk Demirkan from the University of Washington, whose expertise is in Data Science and Business Analytics. Our core team is now complete with its latest key member joining in - Ertuğrul Çetin, the founder at Clojurecademy.

Our Vision

Our team at TalentAds envisions to challenge the traditional recruitment marketing methods used by existing job boards, recruitment agencies and performance marketing agencies. We want to offer a better alternative with the automated job advertising platform thanks to the advents in machine learning and programmatic ads industry.

Our Team


Umut Gökbayrak, Co-Founder

Strong command of IT and Software Development in many programming languages.

Extensive startup experience with successful previous exits since 1998.

Well established business connections as well as a strong professional network in the startup space in Turkey.


Kamil Özörnek, Co-Founder / CEO

Extensive experience in the startup space by having co-founded a few successful startups both in Turkey and the US since 1999.

Hands on management experience with online job boards for over 5 years along with overall online classifieds experience of 13 years.

Proven management skills and sales know-how in B2B companies.


Prof. Haluk Demirkan, Partner

A Milgard endowed academician with multitude of awards and honors from companies like IBM, organizations and academic institutions such as Arizona State University.

Management experience having served as a member of board of directors for establishments such as International Society of Service Professionals and Sound Credit Union among others.

Many published scientific articles and patents.


Ertuğrul Çetin, Clojurist

First entry to the Startup Scene in 2013 as a Co-Founder.

Since then, has worked on many projects such as Mefy ( EInvoice Integration & Portal ), Clojure News (Hacker News Clone), Efficient Dictionary, GlueList, Java Comment Remover, Moty - Mebitech Production Tracking and Planing.

Also worked for SauceLabs in Germany as a software developer before founding Clojurecademy.


How Does Our Technology Work?

The optimization system automatically identifies a correct job type by tapping into TalentAds’ extensive job matching taxonomy, and attaches the most appropriate meta-data for similar titles, skills, and common search terms for jobs with best performance.

Then, our fully automated job ad campaign management technology leverages job-specific predictive performance data to create a targeted ppc campaigns across the most relevant websites on multiple ad networks, most major social media platforms and job aggregators. Thanks to this wide-reaching network, employers can now find the right candidate, on the right website, at the right time.

Our proprietary technology eliminates all the hassles, costs, and guesswork associated with posting and monitoring on multiple ad networks individually. In addition, our job ad management technology continuously monitors the performance of your job ad campaigns and optimizes them for you based on big data and our predictive algorithm. Ad network selection, budget distribution, campaign photo selection and even cpc bid rates are dynamically optimized for each job title by our system.

Our ultimate goal is to generate more quality applicants in shortest time possible.